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Incline Push-ups
Close Squats


After thinking about how poor my endurance is, and that I have never really trained endurance, I decided to add some kettlebell swings. I was going to wait and split things up, but threw that idea out and am just going to do the same workout every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’ll find some way to switch it up later.

atm, I did 2minutes swings, 1 minute jog, 1.5 minute swings, 1 minute jog, walk until recovered. My goal is to get up to 5 rounds of 2:1 work:rest.

I’ve been depressed so I stopped writing these. I don’t remember what workouts I did last week. This week I decided to change up my program some more in order to have some endurance aspect to my week and also because I don’t really like any of the ab exercises available. So I changed to Kettlebell swings on Wednesdays. I figure it exercises the core enough for me anyways.


On Monday I did this:


3:40 Incline Push-ups

1:10 Kneeling Push-ups

30 Full Squats

2:20 Close Squats

I could do an Uneven Squat on my right leg but not my left.


I am glad I reached the progression standard for both squats and Push-ups. I think I will progress pretty fast with the push-ups, or I hope so. I lost about 6 lbs of muscle from being depressed the last 2 weeks. I’m not sure how that is going to slow me down. It will take me a while to move forward on the squats. I have been thinking about how to make up for muscle imbalances in my legs, and for the future with one-sided exercises. My plan is to do the first effort, and then the next work out always start with the side that could do the least. That way each leg or arm is only moving at the pace of the weaker side.

So, I did 1rep on my right leg, but no complete reps on my left. Next workout I start with my left leg. If I am able to go down, but not up, then I do the same on my right side. I do this until my left leg can do one. If later on I can do 4 on my left but only 3 on my right I will switch on the following workout.

I am pretty excited that I was able to make progress on this. I really think the new method of progression is going to be more satisfying.

I rest 3 minutes between each set.

3:30 Full Squats
1:5 close squats

Okay, so those 100 total squats on Wednesday were over-kill. I’m still sore 3 days later. I skipped my workout yesterday and am not planning on doing any bridge work till next Friday. Hopefully those squats won’t kill my thighs again. I had some health issues yesterday that also slowed me down, but today I am feeling  a little better and was able to do a little bit on the Handstand Push Up progression.

1 minute Crow Stand


35 second Handstand with wall


I am not trying to make much progress with this, just slowly work my way up, so 5 seconds was exactly the increase I was looking for this time. I could have made it to 40 or 45 seconds, but I was feeling good after the 35.

Okay, so I have become frustrated with how I am making progressions to harder exercises. What happens is I finish a progression standard, like 3 sets of 30 full squats, and the I move to the next step in Convict Conditioning. When I move up to Close squats, if I do a warm-up, I ed up moving from 90-100 squats in a workout to 30 squats total. This makes my workout easier but it takes all the accomplishment I felt before and throws it out the window. It feels tiny and worthless for me, and I am not convinced that the next step is so much more difficult that it can make up for the drastic reduction in Time Under Tension.

I was also watching some youtube videos that explained the directions in Convict Conditioning more clearly than I have ever understood. The idea that I should begin with 1 set of the beginner standard and then not add another set until I reach one set of the intermediate standard. Example: Begin Wall-ups at 10 reps 1 set. Do one set until I can perform a solid set of 25 reps. Only then do I move up to doing 2 sets. This makes much more sense than the random ways I was adding on reps or trying to interrupt the text.


So now I have a few problems with my progression:

  1. Loss of psychological reward
  2. Loss of Time Under Tension
  3. Unstructured increases


What is my solution for this?


I will adopt the above described method of increase my reps before my sets. When I reach a progression standard, the next workout, I will repeat that exercise and on the end I will add as many of the next Step as I can. When I reach 1 set of the beginner standard I will drop a set of the previous step and continue working on increase reps in the 1 set of the new step. This will continue until I replace all of the previous step with the new step.


Yesterday I did 3 sets of 30 full squats. Next Wednesday I will do 3 sets of 30 reps AND as close to 5 reps of Close Squats as I can get. Let us assume I reach 5 reps. The following Wednesday, I would do 2 sets of 30 full squats and 1 set of 7-10 Close Squats.


3:30 Full squats


3:30 Full Squats

1:5 Close Squats


2:30 Full Squats

1:10 Close Squats


1:30 Full Squats

1:10 Close Squats

1:5 Close Squats


This would continue till I reach the Progression Standard of  2 sets of 20 reps. Now, would I get rid of that first set ever? No. It would become a more strenuous warm-up. So for Uneven Squats I would end up with 1 set of 20 Close Squats and then my Progression Standard of 2 sets of 20 uneven squats.

Right now I am thinking of how to make a structured progression method for the Handstand Push-ups, but that will require much more thought on whether I want to progress against a wall or stop and mast away from the wall handstands.


Horizontal Pulls


The last one took alot of effort.


10 Half Squats

3:30 Full Squats

Felt really close to vomiting, I assume because of an extremely sedentary day and lack of doing squats for a while. I rubbed some ice on my scalp and belly breathing till it passed. The ice helped the most.

Horizontal Pulls





1:20 Half Squats


1:15 Full Squats


1:20 Close Squats

I fell once. Thinking about it later I realized that I am trying to go lower than I need to in order to have an effect on my muscles. Getting to my heels isn’t having that big of an effect on my strength compared to just a solid connection between my thighs and calves. Going to change my form a little bit. I think my extra long shins also make it harder to balance in the Close Squats.

1:20 wallpull
1.5 min
1:15 wallpull

Horizontal pull

1:20 half squat
1:15 full squat
1:10 close squats

Horizontal pulls continue to be one of the most frustrating exercises I have ever done. I got so excited that I had added 1 to my first set and felt like I could do more. Then the second set messed me up. I started out sore from my last workout and I think that is the culprit. The squats were nice. I liked the warm-up and stopping before I had reached a limit. My knee feels a little off though. So when I return to my apartment I will start wearing my brace for squats.