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If you know me or are following this website, you’ll have noticed by now that advertising myself is not my strong suit. I’m still learning how to do that because I have the habit of enjoying generosity more than making money. So I thought a good post would be things I have helped people achieve or written plans for that they have achieved.

1. Friends and family losing a combined weight of 400lbs healthily (it may be more, but this is from the most noticeable people I’ve helped)

2. Helping strengthen healthy relationships

3. Helping people build the courage to look at and decide on their own if a relationship is abusive and how to get out of that if they ask. Including non-romantic relationships like bosses.

4. Helping people build long-term resilient responses to suicidal ideation and attempts. Especially youth in the LGBT community. Too many to count.

5. Overcoming debilitating anxieties.

6. Teaching people to drive

7. Teaching children to speak English as a Second Language(job)

8. Teaching people to cook nutritious food that is delicious

9. How to alleviate, prevent, and rehab joint and muscles pain without the use of pain killers.

10. How to be ethical yet charismatic when dating.

11. Teaching effective, resilient, and timely ethics in general.

12. How to adapt to change, temptations, and harassment when they can’t be planned for.

13. Dog and Cat training. (Cashew now knows how to “Highfive” as my most recent thing)

14. One time I helped a parent and their preadolescence kid learn how to have real communication and cooperation.

15. How to learn quickly and efficiently.

16. My favorite thing is teaching people how to ask better questions and develop better answers.

This is a quick list of what I can think of in 10-15 minutes. If you read it and think “Harper, you are not a therapist…” I’m not! So I can’t talk to you about your past and how it has influenced you now. I CAN help you with the pain or confusion in the present moment and moving forward though. In the same way you don’t think about your past weakness in order to get stronger in the gym. Instead you focus on how well you are doing your exercise and eating each day to reach those kinds of goals. Almost everything else also gets better if you take action, make the plans, and work on what is immediately in front of you to find what will work. So schedule a session with me, and I’ll help you while you help me add to this list ^_^


This is something I remember and then forget throughout life. Doing anything consistently leads to a big impact on your life or the lives of others. Sometimes it feels like little things done often are useless. However, it is much clearer when you look at the things that you do that harm you. You say to yourself “stupid” each time you make a mistake or “how dare they” when someone slights you. Eventually, you begin to feel stupid whether or not you are. You feel like everyone should respect you even though you live in a world where people get to react and say whatever they want. Both lead to a view that has little to do with reality. If you began a small consistent habit to find a better way to deal with those events, even if you make mistakes or people are unkind to you. That habit will build to more safety, more ease, and more peace in the activity you genuinely have an influence on; your own thoughts. Everyone has known someone who belittles them or puts them down. If they want to do that, why do their work for them? Let them carry that burden. You can build the capacity to let it slide off and not take up what precious time you get to choose how to spend. Curious how to get started on this or find that the space in your mind is so packed that you wouldn’t know how to add something positive? Schedule a session with me! We’ll discuss if we are a good fit based on your goals and aspirations. If we are, then we can begin the process of making a plan for those things. If it doesn’t seem like I’d be helpful for you, I’ll still give you tested resources and direction for what you can do while you look for someone who is!