This is something I remember and then forget throughout life. Doing anything consistently leads to a big impact on your life or the lives of others. Sometimes it feels like little things done often are useless. However, it is much clearer when you look at the things that you do that harm you. You say to yourself “stupid” each time you make a mistake or “how dare they” when someone slights you. Eventually, you begin to feel stupid whether or not you are. You feel like everyone should respect you even though you live in a world where people get to react and say whatever they want. Both lead to a view that has little to do with reality. If you began a small consistent habit to find a better way to deal with those events, even if you make mistakes or people are unkind to you. That habit will build to more safety, more ease, and more peace in the activity you genuinely have an influence on; your own thoughts. Everyone has known someone who belittles them or puts them down. If they want to do that, why do their work for them? Let them carry that burden. You can build the capacity to let it slide off and not take up what precious time you get to choose how to spend. Curious how to get started on this or find that the space in your mind is so packed that you wouldn’t know how to add something positive? Schedule a session with me! We’ll discuss if we are a good fit based on your goals and aspirations. If we are, then we can begin the process of making a plan for those things. If it doesn’t seem like I’d be helpful for you, I’ll still give you tested resources and direction for what you can do while you look for someone who is!