Hey, this is my Now page. I first ran into the idea through Derek Sivers.

Looking for a relationship, my reading has shifted to reviewing and taking notes on books by Dr. John Gottman that I’ve read before. He is one of the best for well-researched relationship and communication psychology. (I prefer his books on relationships and trust, rather than the website) Also taking notes on Tiny Habits by B.J. Fogg on my third read. Studying Spanish again using the Fluent Forever approach. Going through some Ramit Sethi courses for starting an online or personal service business 😉

In meditation, I am using Tiny Habits methods to build more of a sitting practice. I do lots of Walking Meditation but would like to get back into the depths you develop in Sitting or Laying Down practice. It’s been successful and I have gotten more skillful at getting into and staying in jhana.

I made big changes to my fitness habits. Specifically, I designed a routine to go from 0 to 6 full pull-ups at 6’4 and 90kg in about a month with ease. Now I am using calisthenics programs from Daniel Vadnal to balance my efforts after achieving that goal and improve my form. 

Cashew is doing well. He likes the cold weather and has been waking me up to sit and watch the squirrels each morning with him. More and more playful every day in the winter!

Go get vaccinated if you can! It’ll make life safer for you and your loved ones. Covid if you haven’t already. Flu shot for the new season. I got my flu shot, and the Pfizer Booster shot this past month. I highly recommend both!