Hey, this is my Now page. I first ran into the idea through Derek Sivers. 12022-05-21

Books I am Reading:
Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut
First Things First by Thanissaro Bhikku
Introduction to Pali by AK Warder

I have been hiking more, figuring out how to do it without severe, life-threatening low glucose has been thrilling, scary, and rewarding. I’ve found a few coffee shops where I get to talk to and spend time with my Elders and that’s also been rewarding.

In meditation, I have been making great progress! I’ve developed the habit of checking if I can use my breathing to alleviate a physical issue first. Then if it isn’t the right tool I look for what’s next. I managed to solve a pain somewhere in the Th10-12 area using mindfulness of pressures in the vertebra during breathing and changing the tilt of my ribcage. I also determined the exact area and insertion points of muscles causing pain while sitting. Otherwise, I have been able to train my mind to be calmer and happier each week.

I am using calisthenics programs from Daniel Vadnal of FitnessFAQs to keep my body healthier than otherwise. Specifically, the Begin Bodyweight program, because I’ve never done all that much for my upper body till now. I have to take breaks and recover for longer times occasionally when I need that energy to take care of my diabetes. I’ve been able to come back to the various programs with little loss of strength though. I also hang by my hands for around 2 minutes a day, do a shoulder warm-up, and am working towards a pike, pancake, and rehabilitating the TFL. (it began giving me pain when sitting in padmasana for meditation.

Cashew continues to do well. The main challenge is that it is moth season. He eats, then projects the moth later. Only one so far, and I saved it from his jaws, but he still got enough dust. Wet Vacs are a miracle.

Go get vaccinated/boosted if you can! It’ll make life safer for you and your loved ones. Covid if you haven’t already. Don’t be a fool who thinks they can outsmart illness and death, no human has so far.