Hey, this is my Now page. I first ran into the idea through Derek Sivers.

The fun! Preparing for the Colorado Renaissance Fair! Check it out if you are within driving or flying distance 😉

I am working on developing anapansati/jhana, as far as meditation.

Strength, resiliency, and toning up the tendons and ligaments in my knees and legs so I’ll be better prepared for the next stages of life.

Big goal is to get out of the position Covid19, and the US’s handling of it, has put me in. Got fully vaccinated and am in the beginnings of a new job teaching English in a rather large online platform.

Also! I figured out my cat’s recurring health issues and thankfully the solution was physically easier on Cashew, a cheaper option than the fancy prescription drugs the last vet had defaulted to, and he loves to take it!

Go get vaccinated if you can! It’ll make life safer for you and your loved ones.