Hey, this is my Now page. I first ran into the idea through Derek Sivers.

I’m back to reading a ton. After reading Everybody Has a Podcast by the McElroy family. I was able to use the information to help someone solve some microphone issues sounding distant, as well as learning more of the nitty-gritty behind them. Perhaps someday I’ll have a podcast! In the meantime, I am reading some Ten Realms fiction by Matthew Chatfield.

In meditation I am revisiting some elemental practices; mixing the skills I am used to with the Theravada approach to the elements. Still deepening my skill in jhana with the breath as support.

For workouts I am doing small ones through the day of a push, split squat, and pull-ups. Working on a system that will operate in the background even if I start a new program. 

I have found a certain level of financial stability allowing me to work on other projects. (Like the research for making this site better.) My English teaching job evaporated due to the CCP changing some laws about tutoring and internet usage, but I learned a ton about timing and structuring sessions from the job. 

Cashew is doing well. He likes the cold weather and has been waking me up to sit and watch the squirrels each morning with him.

Go get vaccinated if you can! It’ll make life safer for you and your loved ones. Covid if you haven’t already. Flu shot for the new season. I have my flu appointment on the 26th ^_^