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Just felt like writing something on here. I’ve been building some habits over the last month. Mostly I am back on the wagon with daily meditation. Usually 20~30 minutes a day but I got up to an hour today.

Been planning a workout and nutrition plan for Spring, so I can jump onto something as soon as the we reach the equinox. As I did in the Winter, I am basing my exercise and health on Taoist health practices from The Yellow Emperor’s Classic. Mostly that meant doing almost nothing in Winter. Now I need to build flexibility and endurance. I am not certain what that will include other than that I am interested in using HIIT principles or workouts.

I have been struggling with lack of direction. For at least the next month, and hopefully three months, I will be workng on a few goals. The goal this post is about is gaining muscular weight.

I have a fairly easy time gaining weight and have gained plenty in the past, but sadly each time I gained weight I would get sick shortly thereafter or I would have severe troubles with my depression. This time I want to add around 20lbs of lea weigh and keep it.

Yesterday I sat down and took my measurements and BF%. I used the personal use version of BodyMetrix.

Weight: 184lbs

BF%: 14.2

Lean Weight: 157.9lbs

Today I hit the gym.

I am using Time Ferriss’s Occam Protocol to gain the weight as I have had good success with it before, and also would like a mental break from developing a workout routine.

Finding my Starting weight, I began with the Supinated pulldown.


5/1 110lbs

1 minute rest

5/1 120


5/1 130


5/1 140


1.5/1 150

I took a 3minute rest here and went back at around 70% of 140

I did this with 5 seconds up and 5 seconds down on each rep and held at my point of failure for a full 10 seconds just shaking.

7.5/1 100lbs

5 minute Rest

Overhead Press

5/1 90lbs

1 minute rest

5/1 100lbs


1.3/1 110lbs

3 minute rest

5.2/1 70lbs

I found out my left arm is waaaaay weaker than my right arm, and that the new machines in the gym won’t let one arm compensate for the other. So this one might take a while to advance, or perhaps being fatigued first has alot to do with it. Either way it is nice to know the machines are encouraging muscle balancing. I held at failure for 10 seconds again.

5minute rest

10 mytactic crunches

3minute rest

10 reps of 10 second “cat vomit” or basic Nauli.

It was a good workout and I felt good afterwards. I ate around 4000 calories today too and am tempted to keep eating. So he muscle should start piling on!

Today I did Workout B of Tim Ferriss’ Occam Protocol.

7.2 reps with 100lbs of chest press

5minute rest

10.3 reps with 165lbs of leg presses.

5 minute rest

75 kettlebell swings with a 20lb kettlebell


Incline Push-ups
Close Squats


After thinking about how poor my endurance is, and that I have never really trained endurance, I decided to add some kettlebell swings. I was going to wait and split things up, but threw that idea out and am just going to do the same workout every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’ll find some way to switch it up later.

atm, I did 2minutes swings, 1 minute jog, 1.5 minute swings, 1 minute jog, walk until recovered. My goal is to get up to 5 rounds of 2:1 work:rest.

I’ve been depressed so I stopped writing these. I don’t remember what workouts I did last week. This week I decided to change up my program some more in order to have some endurance aspect to my week and also because I don’t really like any of the ab exercises available. So I changed to Kettlebell swings on Wednesdays. I figure it exercises the core enough for me anyways.


On Monday I did this:


3:40 Incline Push-ups

1:10 Kneeling Push-ups

30 Full Squats

2:20 Close Squats

I could do an Uneven Squat on my right leg but not my left.


I am glad I reached the progression standard for both squats and Push-ups. I think I will progress pretty fast with the push-ups, or I hope so. I lost about 6 lbs of muscle from being depressed the last 2 weeks. I’m not sure how that is going to slow me down. It will take me a while to move forward on the squats. I have been thinking about how to make up for muscle imbalances in my legs, and for the future with one-sided exercises. My plan is to do the first effort, and then the next work out always start with the side that could do the least. That way each leg or arm is only moving at the pace of the weaker side.

So, I did 1rep on my right leg, but no complete reps on my left. Next workout I start with my left leg. If I am able to go down, but not up, then I do the same on my right side. I do this until my left leg can do one. If later on I can do 4 on my left but only 3 on my right I will switch on the following workout.

Incline Push-ups



Short Bridges


Straight Bridges



Next week I’ll hopefully get to move up on push-ups. I get to add another set to my straight bridges. ­čÖé

Incline Push Ups



Short Bridges


Straight Bridges


I am happy that I got to move up to Straight Bridges today  ^_^

I had to REALLY push to get the last 5 push-ups.

1 minute Crow Stand
40 seconds Handstand

Pike Roll Outs

I am moving my Bridge work to Mondays after Push-ups, so I can do these pike things.

I am pretty excited that I was able to make progress on this. I really think the new method of progression is going to be more satisfying.

I rest 3 minutes between each set.

3:30 Full Squats
1:5 close squats

I tried out an exercise that is new to me. The Pike Rollout. I just googled “best ab exercise” to see what would come up and then once I saw the exercise it appealed to me and made sense in my knowledge of physiology. This is where I found it:


So I went to the gym and used a swiss ball to do 2 sets of 15 reps and 1 set of 9 reps.


I think I will replace the leg lifts in Convict Conditioning with these and rearrange my workout schedule. I never notice a whole lot of activation of my abs doing the leg lifts and haven’t seen much support for it elsewhere. Also it isn’t nearly as cool as the other big 6 movements.


EDIT: I forgot to mention that I did 15 horizontal pull-ups