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1 minute Crow Stand
40 seconds Handstand

Pike Roll Outs

I am moving my Bridge work to Mondays after Push-ups, so I can do these pike things.

Okay, so those 100 total squats on Wednesday were over-kill. I’m still sore 3 days later. I skipped my workout yesterday and am not planning on doing any bridge work till next Friday. Hopefully those squats won’t kill my thighs again. I had some health issues yesterday that also slowed me down, but today I am feeling  a little better and was able to do a little bit on the Handstand Push Up progression.

1 minute Crow Stand


35 second Handstand with wall


I am not trying to make much progress with this, just slowly work my way up, so 5 seconds was exactly the increase I was looking for this time. I could have made it to 40 or 45 seconds, but I was feeling good after the 35.

Okay, so I have become frustrated with how I am making progressions to harder exercises. What happens is I finish a progression standard, like 3 sets of 30 full squats, and the I move to the next step in Convict Conditioning. When I move up to Close squats, if I do a warm-up, I ed up moving from 90-100 squats in a workout to 30 squats total. This makes my workout easier but it takes all the accomplishment I felt before and throws it out the window. It feels tiny and worthless for me, and I am not convinced that the next step is so much more difficult that it can make up for the drastic reduction in Time Under Tension.

I was also watching some youtube videos that explained the directions in Convict Conditioning more clearly than I have ever understood. The idea that I should begin with 1 set of the beginner standard and then not add another set until I reach one set of the intermediate standard. Example: Begin Wall-ups at 10 reps 1 set. Do one set until I can perform a solid set of 25 reps. Only then do I move up to doing 2 sets. This makes much more sense than the random ways I was adding on reps or trying to interrupt the text.


So now I have a few problems with my progression:

  1. Loss of psychological reward
  2. Loss of Time Under Tension
  3. Unstructured increases


What is my solution for this?


I will adopt the above described method of increase my reps before my sets. When I reach a progression standard, the next workout, I will repeat that exercise and on the end I will add as many of the next Step as I can. When I reach 1 set of the beginner standard I will drop a set of the previous step and continue working on increase reps in the 1 set of the new step. This will continue until I replace all of the previous step with the new step.


Yesterday I did 3 sets of 30 full squats. Next Wednesday I will do 3 sets of 30 reps AND as close to 5 reps of Close Squats as I can get. Let us assume I reach 5 reps. The following Wednesday, I would do 2 sets of 30 full squats and 1 set of 7-10 Close Squats.


3:30 Full squats


3:30 Full Squats

1:5 Close Squats


2:30 Full Squats

1:10 Close Squats


1:30 Full Squats

1:10 Close Squats

1:5 Close Squats


This would continue till I reach the Progression Standard of  2 sets of 20 reps. Now, would I get rid of that first set ever? No. It would become a more strenuous warm-up. So for Uneven Squats I would end up with 1 set of 20 Close Squats and then my Progression Standard of 2 sets of 20 uneven squats.

Right now I am thinking of how to make a structured progression method for the Handstand Push-ups, but that will require much more thought on whether I want to progress against a wall or stop and mast away from the wall handstands.


Crow stand
1 minute
Handstand with heels on wall
30 seconds


3 minute rests between each set

Since I am still on the first step or two of these progressions in Convict COnditining, I don’t really have a warm-up for Fridays. Perhaps I need to do some yoga those days. I do some light wrist stretches before the crow stands, though.

Cow Stands
3min rest
3min rest

Short bridges
3min rest

The bridges were easy, but still a nice burn. I am enjoying being patient and getting more out of these exercises.

I waited late today to get my workout done, which is okay because this workout is one of the easiest ones of the week for me.

I take a 3 minute rest between every set.

Short Bridges




Crow Stands




This was a good workout, I added 25 reps to my short bridges this week, and did 15 sconds more than I needed to on my crow stand on accident, though it was still easy. I didn’t need to stop with the short bridges, but I am enjoying using the “Keep some in the bank” method mentioned in the Convict Conditioning book.


2 minutes Headstand

2 minutes Shoulder stand

2 minutes Deep forward bend

2 minutes Matsyendrasana (in each direction)

2 minutes Bhujangasana

2 minutes dead posture


Today I also did 1 minute headstand with my hand in different positios in order to prepare for handstand push-ups.

3 minute rest

2:25 Short Bridge


In just a little while I’ll be kayaking with Jessica too, not sure how long we will go for…