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Incline Push Ups



Short Bridges


Straight Bridges


I am happy that I got to move up to Straight Bridges today  ^_^

I had to REALLY push to get the last 5 push-ups.

I am pretty excited that I was able to make progress on this. I really think the new method of progression is going to be more satisfying.

I rest 3 minutes between each set.

3:30 Full Squats
1:5 close squats

I tried out an exercise that is new to me. The Pike Rollout. I just googled “best ab exercise” to see what would come up and then once I saw the exercise it appealed to me and made sense in my knowledge of physiology. This is where I found it:


So I went to the gym and used a swiss ball to do 2 sets of 15 reps and 1 set of 9 reps.


I think I will replace the leg lifts in Convict Conditioning with these and rearrange my workout schedule. I never notice a whole lot of activation of my abs doing the leg lifts and haven’t seen much support for it elsewhere. Also it isn’t nearly as cool as the other big 6 movements.


EDIT: I forgot to mention that I did 15 horizontal pull-ups

I have been in college for a while now and have been studying psychology the whole time. I have never been a partyer, preferring to read a book about how alcohol is made than consuming cheap, terrible alcohol. However, over time I have grown to appreciate things like a finely crafted liqueur or beer, smoking a tobacco pipe, or using caffeine. After two negative experiences with alcohol and a college psychology course on Substance Abuse, I began really thinking about how we use perception and mind-altering substances in America.

So I decided on a set of rules based on my knowledge of the addiction process and psychology. It is a short list of questions I ask myself if I am thinking of having coffee, a pipe, or a drink.

The Questions:
Am I sad?
Am I lonely?
Am I angry?
Am I stressed out?
Am I overwhelmed?
Have I exercised today or am sore?
Is my blood glucose above 140?

If I say “Yes” to any of these, then I don’t have the smoke or the drink or the caffeine. If I did, I would not be doing it for fun or an experience. I would be doing it to self-medicate instead of solve my problem.

This sounds all pretty and easy for a guy who doesn’t have much interest in partying or drugs of any sort right? Well, that is ignorant. I have been under MASSIVE amounts of stress from legal, social, interpersonal, physical, and emotional sources. This list of questions has likely saved me from picking up an addiction more times than I could possibly count. No one WANTS to have a smoking habit, but they usually don’t have the training to come up with a cognitive tool or don’t have expressed priorities in order to stop themselves. They see a cigarette and think of stress-relief because of their culture. If they stopped for just 2 minutes to recognize it as a dangerous gamble with a whole world of negative experiences, they would probably never try it, or never in a time where they have a predisposition towards an addiction.

This is really important because it is so much easier to use than abstinence from these tempting options. There are certain things you should never do, like heroin or pre-rolled cigarettes, but there are more things that are interesting and relatively harmless. The problem isn’t that people have too little willpower to resist an addiction. In my mind the problem is that we never give people the tools to resist a poor decision regarding potentially addictive substances and instead make good decisions regarding them.

Crow stand
1 minute
Handstand with heels on wall
30 seconds


3 minute rests between each set

So, I skipped a lot of days 😀 Reason: Beginning of classes overwhelmed me.

However I was able to get my push-ups done due to the encouraging influence of my girlfriend. ^_^


Incline Push-ups






3min rests


It was all pretty easy. After my first set I drank some water mixed with 4g of citrulline malate. I did this workout on my kitchen counter instead of gymnast rings because they are a pain to set up here :/

I am finally on my way back to college, which means I will have control over my diet and schedule once more. I am excited about this because hopefully my progress will speed up. For now, here is my last “vacation” measurements.

Total Inches: 181.5

Change: (.75)

Body Fat Percentage: 14.8

Change: (.5)

Body Weight: 192

Change: (2)

So, I lost a little muscle, but more fat. I think I lost weight in both areas because I was skipping breakfast for almost an entire week and that hurt my daily calorie load. However I also had some trouble managing my Diabetes and those high glucose readings might have caused the weight loss as well.

Since I am still on the first step or two of these progressions in Convict COnditining, I don’t really have a warm-up for Fridays. Perhaps I need to do some yoga those days. I do some light wrist stretches before the crow stands, though.

Cow Stands
3min rest
3min rest

Short bridges
3min rest

The bridges were easy, but still a nice burn. I am enjoying being patient and getting more out of these exercises.

I didn’t post this, but last Saturday I still took my measurements.
Total Inches is the sum of my biceps, thighs, chest, hips, and waist.

Total Inches: 182.25

Change: 2.125

Body Fat Percentage: 15.3

Change: (.5)

Body Weight: 194

Change: None

Consistent with the last measurement day, could have been more exciting, but still good progress. I am unable to follow my normal diet where I am living right now, so maybe in a few weeks I will have the more dramatic changes I am used to seeing.

I waited late today to get my workout done, which is okay because this workout is one of the easiest ones of the week for me.

I take a 3 minute rest between every set.

Short Bridges




Crow Stands




This was a good workout, I added 25 reps to my short bridges this week, and did 15 sconds more than I needed to on my crow stand on accident, though it was still easy. I didn’t need to stop with the short bridges, but I am enjoying using the “Keep some in the bank” method mentioned in the Convict Conditioning book.