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I am finally on my way back to college, which means I will have control over my diet and schedule once more. I am excited about this because hopefully my progress will speed up. For now, here is my last “vacation” measurements.

Total Inches: 181.5

Change: (.75)

Body Fat Percentage: 14.8

Change: (.5)

Body Weight: 192

Change: (2)

So, I lost a little muscle, but more fat. I think I lost weight in both areas because I was skipping breakfast for almost an entire week and that hurt my daily calorie load. However I also had some trouble managing my Diabetes and those high glucose readings might have caused the weight loss as well.

I didn’t post this, but last Saturday I still took my measurements.
Total Inches is the sum of my biceps, thighs, chest, hips, and waist.

Total Inches: 182.25

Change: 2.125

Body Fat Percentage: 15.3

Change: (.5)

Body Weight: 194

Change: None

Consistent with the last measurement day, could have been more exciting, but still good progress. I am unable to follow my normal diet where I am living right now, so maybe in a few weeks I will have the more dramatic changes I am used to seeing.

So, I like taking my measurements on Saturdays. The day ruled by Saturn, the Judge, the objective measure.

Today I took my Inches, my Body Fat Percentage, and my Weight. I don’t have my blood pressure cuff right now, but I might include that in the future. For now I’ll just be putting my Total Inches, because I am not feeling confident enough to put the specific inches up here yet, haha.

Total Inches is the sum of my biceps, thighs, chest, hips, and waist.

Total Inches: 180.125

Change: (.125)

Body Fat Percentage: 15.7

Change: (.5)

Weight: 194lbs

Change: None

Not as huge a change as I sometimes have when I pick my fitness program back up, but still pretty awesome.