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Just felt like writing something on here. I’ve been building some habits over the last month. Mostly I am back on the wagon with daily meditation. Usually 20~30 minutes a day but I got up to an hour today.

Been planning a workout and nutrition plan for Spring, so I can jump onto something as soon as the we reach the equinox. As I did in the Winter, I am basing my exercise and health on Taoist health practices from The Yellow Emperor’s Classic. Mostly that meant doing almost nothing in Winter. Now I need to build flexibility and endurance. I am not certain what that will include other than that I am interested in using HIIT principles or workouts.

Today I took a picture of the Knock Out Rose bush that I clipped a flower from this morning to be used as an offering in my worship of the Good. It was very xciting to me to find such nice flowers in my neighborhood for this event. It is only so often so I won’t be destroying anyone’s landscaping, but it can be hard to find fresh flowers that are well kept.

To try and help my blue mood I started the 100 Happy Days Challenge with a friend today. I’m doing it on Instagram under Kichara8. Since I’ve been watching the sunrise every morning I figured that is a good place to start. Now that I am doing it I want to keep putting more and more pictures up, though, haha. I don’t know if you’re supposed to only do one per day, but I guess I’ll just save the happiness for myself right now.

I’ve put many hours into studying and practicing Theurgy and Taoism. In both these spiritual traditions, the sun and moon are held in high regard. They are honored as the sources of life on earth and the physical representations of two of the most fundamental universal forces. Greeting the sunrise for me is a deeply calming and life affirming activity for me.