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Horizontal Pulls


The last one took alot of effort.


10 Half Squats

3:30 Full Squats

Felt really close to vomiting, I assume because of an extremely sedentary day and lack of doing squats for a while. I rubbed some ice on my scalp and belly breathing till it passed. The ice helped the most.

Horizontal Pulls





1:20 Half Squats


1:15 Full Squats


1:20 Close Squats

I fell once. Thinking about it later I realized that I am trying to go lower than I need to in order to have an effect on my muscles. Getting to my heels isn’t having that big of an effect on my strength compared to just a solid connection between my thighs and calves. Going to change my form a little bit. I think my extra long shins also make it harder to balance in the Close Squats.

1:20 wallpull
1.5 min
1:15 wallpull

Horizontal pull

1:20 half squat
1:15 full squat
1:10 close squats

Horizontal pulls continue to be one of the most frustrating exercises I have ever done. I got so excited that I had added 1 to my first set and felt like I could do more. Then the second set messed me up. I started out sore from my last workout and I think that is the culprit. The squats were nice. I liked the warm-up and stopping before I had reached a limit. My knee feels a little off though. So when I return to my apartment I will start wearing my brace for squats.