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Why is writing things hard? I sat down to write a short little thing about how I dislike when people call their animals stupid or say mean things to them in a sweet voice. It creeps me out and makes me wonder how they’d treat me if I were even nearly as important to them as their dog.

Instead I wrote the first two sentences a couple times over and every time it sounded preachy and accusatory. Neither of which are good tones for encouraging people to be more compassionate in all their speech or else it’ll happen to them when it matters. Now I am actually writing that idea out and not so much talking about how it’s hard to just sit down and write.

These two things, how you will be better off speaking with compassion to anyone you care about, Homo Sapiens or otherwise, and how writing is hard have nothing to do with each other. Being compassionate has mindfulness integral to it’s practice. Writing is next to impossible to do if you don’t just throw it out there and piece it together later.

That’s why I started with the thought ringing in my head. Why is writing things hard? Now I am writing.

My cat Camo, short for Camouflaged Kitten, has not been a kitten for a long long time. I don’t know if it is the languorous, indoor life she has led, or all those hours of sleeping on my meditation pillow that has gotten my cat to 18 years old, but I hope it keeps working. This morning I had left a bowl of holy water on the floor from yesterday and, as Camo doesn’t come up the stairs very much now, I didn’t think to hide it from her. When I got out of the shower she was sitting there lapping it up. It was even cuter as she meowed at me for interrupting her. Always the little mystic kitten I guess.


It would be impossible to list the times Camo has made me happy. She has been my pet since the day she was born and her mom, Rosy, was my first pet ever. One time she happily napped while I used her as a pillow for a 2 hour nap myself, and when I got up she decided to just nap another 2 hours in the same spot. She used to sleep on my chest if I left my bedroom door open. She is the only being that has ever truly loved the smell of my sweaty feet. Camo has helped me through the hardest times of my life and has been petted and fluffed during some of my happiest. I wouldn’t be who I am today without her dainty impact.


“Maaah” ~Camo