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I started listening to the Audiobook this morning. I realized halfway through making my protein shake that I was doing my daily ritual. I take some herbs to help manage my diabetes, drink some goji berry juice, make a protein shake, and drink a few cups of hot water.

I like the book so far, but I have difficulty remembering the name of each person. That frustrates me. Maybe It will get better, or I will have to re-listen to the book a few times. This is definitely the kind of book that I will need to take notes on.

I like Timothy Ferriss. I like the way he talks, the things he talks about, even the stranger pieces of his humor. It all clicks with me. So, now that I have made it clear than I am huge fan boy of his, I’d like to start blogging about how his ideas and actions have an influence on my life.

Really. That is what this blog has been about anyways. I do Convict Conditioning workouts because they are compact, efficient, and I can do them ANYWHERE. Which are all ideals I got from reading Tim’s ideas on how to try and live your life.

Recently I bought the two audiobooks that Tim has posted about as part of his new book club. I listened to Vagabonding by Rolf Potts last month, and have read it once before. My main thought about that book was: Can a diabetic do this? The answer is Yes. It will simply take more precise planning at times, and there are some experiences that will simply be too risky for me. But the answer is Yes, and someday I will vagabond. (Here is the link to Tim’s post about that book: )

The next book, which I just downloaded, is Daily Rituals by Mason Currey. I know nothing about this book besides what Tim has written about it on his blog. Soon, you will hear my thoughts on it. (Link: )