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I forgot to workout until the evening because I had to get a trailer hitch put on my car very early today. So no Yoga :/


3sets:20reps of Incline Push-Ups using my gymnast rings.

3min rests between sets

1:13 Straight Leg Raises from the floor

3min rest



It was hard to do the leg raises, perhaps I should have started farther back in the progression, but I will be taking my time with them anyways. The push-ups were pretty easy until the last 5. Pacing myself to get the most out of each level of the progressions. I wish I had as good a place to use my gymnast rings in St. Augustine as I do here at my mom’s place.

I have a bit of a wheeze and a cough and I sniff pretty often, but I got tired of taking inhaled steroids for the wheeze so I figured I could workout and do yoga and that would fix me up better.


2 minutes Headstand

2 minutes Shoulder stand

2 minutes Deep forward bend

2 minutes Matsyendrasana (in each direction)

2 minutes Bhujangasana

5-7 minutes dead posture

A bit later I set up my gymnast rings and used them to do push-ups

2:20 Incline Push-ups

2:10 Leg raises on the floor.


It all felt great.