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Thankfully today I did not wake up with a low glucose. So I didn’t wake up feeling like I was dying his time. It was nice.

I learned some more Japanese. Finally Pronounced Schuykill Sandwich correctly. Saw some of my good friends at the coffee shop.

I am going to start eating really boring meals in order to practice some stoicism. I got into a habit of making really great beans and meat bowls last year. However now I won’t eat the beans without that 1-2 hour process. So I am just going to have beans with salt, and maybe some bacon grease I have saved up from my last package of bacon. Once I finish my current loaf of bread and gallon of milk I will try doing a more strict idea of stoic meals.

Well, things have changed, but not much internally. I still don’t have direction, despite looking for it. I stopped writing here, and that is a shame. So, for now, I’ll just write my thoughts and not try too hard to write well as long as I post more often.

There is one thing I have been keeping up with. I am still studying Japanese using the Fluent Forever system. I am enjoying myself and am finally moving from the Pronunciation Trainer stage to the Vocabulary stage. Kanji is hard, but much more fun than English letters and words.

I fell out of both my practice of meditation and my workout routine, and really almost every routine I had. Despite that my Glucose levels have been in-range for longer than any point in the past 10-15 years.

I’m writing this post to get started and also because I am a little worried that I might be going into another cycle of depression soon. Hopefully writing will help me stay out of it and remind me of things I am getting done. I mean, before I wrote this post I had forgotten how well I am doing with Japanese and Glucose Averages, so it seems to be working.

I hope everyone who reads this is having a good Holiday Season 🙂