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Crow stand
1 minute
Handstand with heels on wall
30 seconds


3 minute rests between each set

So, I skipped a lot of days 😀 Reason: Beginning of classes overwhelmed me.

However I was able to get my push-ups done due to the encouraging influence of my girlfriend. ^_^


Incline Push-ups






3min rests


It was all pretty easy. After my first set I drank some water mixed with 4g of citrulline malate. I did this workout on my kitchen counter instead of gymnast rings because they are a pain to set up here :/

Horizontal Pulls





1:20 Half Squats


1:15 Full Squats


1:20 Close Squats

I fell once. Thinking about it later I realized that I am trying to go lower than I need to in order to have an effect on my muscles. Getting to my heels isn’t having that big of an effect on my strength compared to just a solid connection between my thighs and calves. Going to change my form a little bit. I think my extra long shins also make it harder to balance in the Close Squats.

Took 4g of Citrulline Malate in water before workout.

Crow Stands



Short Bridges

3 minute rest between every set.

So I reached the progression standard on Crow Stands and will be moving up to Handstands against a wall. I am not certain now if I will stay on the handstand stage till I can do it without a wall or if I should move forward in the progression towards one armed handstand push-ups. If I can I am going to contact either a gymnast or the guy who gives certifications in this system and find out what they suggest.

The short bridges were super easy. I could have reached 3:50 but I felt myself getting a little sloppy with which muscles were doing the work and decided to save it for next week.

I read a textbook on Back Stability recently and tried applying the practice of abdominal hollowing at 30%. I immediately noticed a change in which muscles were being recruited. A shift from disorder to a concentrated effort of my glutes and lower back. It was very nice.

I have used Citrulline Malate before and LOVE it. It is a very simple supplement with a wallop of benefits to both the workout and recovery. The last time I used it I never got sore yet constantly added to my sets. It was great. So it is nice to go back to using it.

I wasn’t able to do nearly as many push-ups or leg raises as I expected today. I think the main reason is because I am visiting my girlfriend and so I already get a pretty good workout going out and doing stuff with her. Lets hope that is the reason, haha.


Warm Up

1:20 wall-ups


1:15 wall-ups


Incline Push-ups(using gymnast rings)







Flat Leg Raises from the floor





Incredibly disappointing until I realized the reason was the fun I’ve been having. Hopefully next week I’ll return to my normal increases.

I am finally on my way back to college, which means I will have control over my diet and schedule once more. I am excited about this because hopefully my progress will speed up. For now, here is my last “vacation” measurements.

Total Inches: 181.5

Change: (.75)

Body Fat Percentage: 14.8

Change: (.5)

Body Weight: 192

Change: (2)

So, I lost a little muscle, but more fat. I think I lost weight in both areas because I was skipping breakfast for almost an entire week and that hurt my daily calorie load. However I also had some trouble managing my Diabetes and those high glucose readings might have caused the weight loss as well.

Since I am still on the first step or two of these progressions in Convict COnditining, I don’t really have a warm-up for Fridays. Perhaps I need to do some yoga those days. I do some light wrist stretches before the crow stands, though.

Cow Stands
3min rest
3min rest

Short bridges
3min rest

The bridges were easy, but still a nice burn. I am enjoying being patient and getting more out of these exercises.

1:20 wallpull
1.5 min
1:15 wallpull

Horizontal pull

1:20 half squat
1:15 full squat
1:10 close squats

Horizontal pulls continue to be one of the most frustrating exercises I have ever done. I got so excited that I had added 1 to my first set and felt like I could do more. Then the second set messed me up. I started out sore from my last workout and I think that is the culprit. The squats were nice. I liked the warm-up and stopping before I had reached a limit. My knee feels a little off though. So when I return to my apartment I will start wearing my brace for squats.

So, I mentioned that I have had some trouble staying on track. This week I purposely did my workouts different days so I wouldn’t be sore when I went to hangout with my girlfriend. The bad part is that this one day I moved my workouts around changed how I was thinking about workouts in general. A weird loss of direction that I have seen myself repeat over and over in countless hobbies. This time I want to think about it some before it causes any real problems to see if that introspection will lead to a resurgence of discipline or insight into the problem.

The first thing that popped into my head when I thought about the timing of my workouts this week was the tops I played with as a kid in my Paupau’s rec room. They were old fashioned wooden tops that you wound up with a string and then held just right on the hard wood table to pull the string and watch the alien twirl of the toy. As I watched them I always loved the moments when they began to wobble. I tried to spot the very first moments of their demise. My workout this week looked to me more like the full shaking back and forth of the top’s death throes.

With that image in mind I realize that I need to ignore any outside influences, any ideas that it is too late in the day or that I am already tired or I have eaten too recently. Like Cobb’s top from Inception I needed to ignore all of reality and rules that might distract me from my beautiful unaging children and just go for it like I haven’t noticed a thing. That is why I just did a workout at 10:30pm, which historically makes it super hard for me to sleep, and is likely why I am writing a blog post instead of sleeping. However I am back on schedule today!

Next week I need to keep this up. Sometimes I let myself come up with all sorts of reasons of not wanting to be sore(I know, that is a pitiful reason) or because other responsibilities come up and I have poor time management. The most dangerous option is to ignore my workouts with the idea that I am doing something more important like meditating or studying for classes in the coming semester. Yes, those ARE much more important, however they are not stopping me from working out and acting as if they are is just insulting myself.

Something I let hold me up over the last year was a stupid idea that I NEEDED certain situations in order to do my workouts, like I needed to set up my gymnast rings or I needed to find a place tall enough for me to hang without my feet on the ground. These were easy things to find, tree limbs and swing sets and problems solved. The issue was that I made excuses. The swing sets were to thick of bars. The tree limbs near my house were either to high or made getting my gymnast rings down a living hell. (A homeless man once went to nighttime construction crews around town to find me a ladder to get down a gymnast ring that accidentally got stuck in a tree.) However thick bars are often sought after, and tree limbs are in abundance if you just ride your bike or drive for a few minutes in ANY direction. I am not stopped by real physical barriers like my diabetes, however little psychological walls can feel like they are thousands of yard tall.


However, right now, I am on schedule. All I have to do, is be on schedule when Monday comes.


Also, because of the inception reference, check it out: