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I have been struggling with lack of direction. For at least the next month, and hopefully three months, I will be workng on a few goals. The goal this post is about is gaining muscular weight.

I have a fairly easy time gaining weight and have gained plenty in the past, but sadly each time I gained weight I would get sick shortly thereafter or I would have severe troubles with my depression. This time I want to add around 20lbs of lea weigh and keep it.

Yesterday I sat down and took my measurements and BF%. I used the personal use version of BodyMetrix.

Weight: 184lbs

BF%: 14.2

Lean Weight: 157.9lbs

Today I hit the gym.

I am using Time Ferriss’s Occam Protocol to gain the weight as I have had good success with it before, and also would like a mental break from developing a workout routine.

Finding my Starting weight, I began with the Supinated pulldown.


5/1 110lbs

1 minute rest

5/1 120


5/1 130


5/1 140


1.5/1 150

I took a 3minute rest here and went back at around 70% of 140

I did this with 5 seconds up and 5 seconds down on each rep and held at my point of failure for a full 10 seconds just shaking.

7.5/1 100lbs

5 minute Rest

Overhead Press

5/1 90lbs

1 minute rest

5/1 100lbs


1.3/1 110lbs

3 minute rest

5.2/1 70lbs

I found out my left arm is waaaaay weaker than my right arm, and that the new machines in the gym won’t let one arm compensate for the other. So this one might take a while to advance, or perhaps being fatigued first has alot to do with it. Either way it is nice to know the machines are encouraging muscle balancing. I held at failure for 10 seconds again.

5minute rest

10 mytactic crunches

3minute rest

10 reps of 10 second “cat vomit” or basic Nauli.

It was a good workout and I felt good afterwards. I ate around 4000 calories today too and am tempted to keep eating. So he muscle should start piling on!

I am finally on my way back to college, which means I will have control over my diet and schedule once more. I am excited about this because hopefully my progress will speed up. For now, here is my last “vacation” measurements.

Total Inches: 181.5

Change: (.75)

Body Fat Percentage: 14.8

Change: (.5)

Body Weight: 192

Change: (2)

So, I lost a little muscle, but more fat. I think I lost weight in both areas because I was skipping breakfast for almost an entire week and that hurt my daily calorie load. However I also had some trouble managing my Diabetes and those high glucose readings might have caused the weight loss as well.

I didn’t post this, but last Saturday I still took my measurements.
Total Inches is the sum of my biceps, thighs, chest, hips, and waist.

Total Inches: 182.25

Change: 2.125

Body Fat Percentage: 15.3

Change: (.5)

Body Weight: 194

Change: None

Consistent with the last measurement day, could have been more exciting, but still good progress. I am unable to follow my normal diet where I am living right now, so maybe in a few weeks I will have the more dramatic changes I am used to seeing.

So, I like taking my measurements on Saturdays. The day ruled by Saturn, the Judge, the objective measure.

Today I took my Inches, my Body Fat Percentage, and my Weight. I don’t have my blood pressure cuff right now, but I might include that in the future. For now I’ll just be putting my Total Inches, because I am not feeling confident enough to put the specific inches up here yet, haha.

Total Inches is the sum of my biceps, thighs, chest, hips, and waist.

Total Inches: 180.125

Change: (.125)

Body Fat Percentage: 15.7

Change: (.5)

Weight: 194lbs

Change: None

Not as huge a change as I sometimes have when I pick my fitness program back up, but still pretty awesome.