So, over the last week I have had some rocky days and some great days(Valentines day was a stunning success). However yesterday and today I am coming to the realization that I have been playing someone else’s game. I’ve been in college since 2009, and while I have gained invaluable friends and experiences, I had never fit into this educational tradition. I wanted to be in the same place as educated people my age, and thats what I was getting until last year. I got caught up in the idea that maybe I should prioritize my grades more. While this makes sense for most people; it was a terrible idea for me.

I have not been this unhappy about something I choose to do in my entire life.

So I’m done playing other people’s games and playing by other people’s rules. Today I stopped worrying about my grades, I worked on research for a new business, and I felt happier than I have in months. No one has ever told me that I am a great student, but every person I’ve met has told me they can see I will do great things. So I’m going to move on to doing great things, and if I get a college degree in the process, it will happen in my game, with my rules, and when I decide it is time.

~Harper Wall