So, today and tomorrow I am going to be getting some basic measurements of my fitness. I’m thinking of simple stuff since this is the first time I have ever seriously considered cardio as my main workout.

Resting Heart Rate(RHR)
Blood Pressure
Total Inches

I am also thinking of doing tests I am a bit unfamiliar with:

VO2 Max
Movement Archetypes
Range of Motion
Endurance test

I am not sure f I have the stuff to test all these things, but I am going to do as many of them as I can.


Had a hard day; a rough day at work and some weird emotional reactions to simply being hungry.(which is out of character for me)

My job is just a simple $8/hour job I got after a friend wanted me to apply at the sweets shop they were excited about coming to town. It is strange having a job you did not have any strong desire to have. Especially when you did not need the work. I am sticking to it because it would be nice to have more normal work experience on my resume in case I need it. However, you get to see how managers interact with an employee who they think wouldn’t leave because they need that money. It isn’t abusive, but it is often rude.
I wonder how easy it would be to create a friendly work-place if where I work is considered, by my more experienced co-workers, friendlier and more pleasant than their other experiences. I hope the owner either realizes, or when I do eventually leave understands what I tell them, that the managers and fellow owners need more training themselves. The employees need practice, but the owners and management really need to learn a smoother way to communicate or I worry about the business surviving.

Turns out my friend Omar Mulla works at an Orange Theory Gym so I’ll be able to chat with him about how to best start playing around with HIIT! He already told me about the Tabata workouts, and I am looking at that information. Always exciting to find out you can use a friend as a resource and not just rely on books.

I think I am going to do Sprinting, mostly because I’ve never run much and it would be novel for me. The hard part for me is figuring out how much rest I need and when my body is telling me to rest. I don’t have any idea how to do that with Cardio.

Just felt like writing something on here. I’ve been building some habits over the last month. Mostly I am back on the wagon with daily meditation. Usually 20~30 minutes a day but I got up to an hour today.

Been planning a workout and nutrition plan for Spring, so I can jump onto something as soon as the we reach the equinox. As I did in the Winter, I am basing my exercise and health on Taoist health practices from The Yellow Emperor’s Classic. Mostly that meant doing almost nothing in Winter. Now I need to build flexibility and endurance. I am not certain what that will include other than that I am interested in using HIIT principles or workouts.

Been trying out a diet focusing on high fats and low carbohydrate after listening to a Tim Ferris podcast. Mostly using the book Ketogenic Diet for Type 1 Diabetes. It feels strange and I am hungry more often. However, you don’t stay hungry long if it is alright to snack on Heavy Cream or straight butter.

I am not sure if I want to fully commit to it, but so far moving towards ketosis has been easier than taking tons of insulin for carbs.

I just accidentally found myself eating the way the book recommends about 3 days ago and I have just stuck with it generally. I’m nowhere near the <30g of carbs recommended, but I am pretty low.

Other than that I am still having trouble with my sleep schedule, but with the learning from reading Don’t Shoot the Dog by Karen Pryor I think I know, finally, how to tackle this. (Great ketogenic diet website) (Podcast) (Don’t Shoot the Dog)

Been a bit adrift for a few days. Sat down and started a list of everything I could think of that could come after “I should be…” the other day. Right now I am at ~170 items after 3days of working on the list. I think I’ll put it in a spreadsheet and prioritize it once I feel it is complete enough. Most people have reacted to me making this list as though it was some terrible thing. I still feel adrift while writing, but it does feel nice to put all these usually overwhelming thoughts outside my mind and just keep them n a notebook instead. Maybe once I prioritize them some I can figure out which things I “Should” do will actually be positive things to work into my life. Do a 20/80 analysis on them.

Yesterday I sat by a fire with Mark again. It was wonderful. His kids ran around and we taught his son to put stuff in the fire without throwing it. I even got to read a bedtime story. It was a really good night.

Today I’m just writing and talking to people and avoiding eating meat for some type of world compassion day thingy. It is strangely peaceful to not have any passions pushing me to always be doing something, but I do hope something pops up soon for me to do, even if it is just my mysterious job actually starting.

I woke up at around 10 and somehow found myself reading In Defense of Prejudice. I am not sure how I got there, I was typing “in defense” and that popped up so I read it. It was quite good though. Written a decade ago about the rise of political correctness and its true nature as a version of Mental Purists. Rather than being terribly biased as most articles on the topic are it was a balanced and insightful read.

After a while I did a glucose test and found out that I had finally gotten my 3 month average below 200 for the first time in 15 years. I am still really excited about this. I went out and bought myself an expensive lunch at the organic/gourmet restaurant in town as a celebration and then had some amazing Buttermilk pie.

I spent the afternoon playing Fallout 4. I do wish I had gotten more done with that time, but the overcast sky had me a little sluggish and I guess I was thinking of playing the game as a reward. My plans for the day fell apart a little after I got excited hah.

Eventually I met up with my friend Ali, to return his house key and get a plate of delicious Biryani his mom made for me. I had been taking care of his snakes while he went home for part of  the Christmas break. I got some Japanese studying done on the way over, so that was good.

Ali joined me in going to the Kookaburra to have coffee, and we had some conversations about animal breeding, operant conditioning, and a good amount of discussion on Crested Geckos. It seems I am seeing more of my science-minded friends. Yesterday it was Mark, and today it was Ali. I wonder who I know who would continue this trend in intelligent conversations and camaraderie for tomorrow?

I also got permission from a neighbor of mine to come over and borrow their dog sometime. I have really wanted to train an animal since beginning to read Reaching the Animal Mind by Karen Pryor and this dog has energy and curiosity so she will be great to practice with.

I woke up in a really weird mood. I was just sad and felt terrible about the world in general. My best friend invited me to join her and her boyfriend at a market, but I couldn’t get myself out of my funk enough to join them.

After studying Japanese for a while I started to feel a little better, and eating a tuna fish salad also helped. I got myself out of the house to the coffee shop and had some fresh coffee while reading about Service Animals. I found out that diabetics can get service animals to help them when they have low glucose and just keep them exercising. It is a really tempting idea so I am going to keep looking into it.

While I’m out I get a text from another good friend, Mark, to join him in tending a fire he has set up in his backyard. After struggling through the holidays traffic I make it there and my whole day picked up and was great. I had to make one outing to grab another bag of firewood, but other than that I was glued to the fire. Talking with Mark and Daniel while their kids ran around being kids was just what I needed. Eventually Mark’s son, Sam, joined me in being glued to the fire and threw ripped up palm fronds into the fire to watch them flare. I also spent a good portion of time burning and then eating 1lbs of Conecha Smoked Sausage.

Oh Oh, I do not know the name right now, but I had the first Scotch I have ever enjoyed, and thus the first whiskey I have ever enjoyed. It was exciting because I’ve always hated having to tell people I don’t enjoy whiskey. They always look so sad. So now I know I can tell them what I like, even if I have no idea how to spell it haha.

New Years Eve I went out with my girlfriend and we wandered around town getting drinks. Thankfully we made it to a cigar bar in town and enjoyed the countdown right as we got our drinks. It was the first time I’ve ever had a New Years kiss the way it is thought of. Surrounded by people in a bar with a drink in my hand.

The next day we got up and went to Jacksonville to wander there for her day off. It was kinda an overcast day, so we spent most of the time driving, I enjoyed getting us lost a few times. We eventually ended up at Poe’s Tavern. It had a great burger and in the bathrooms they had an audiobook of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Golden Scarab playing.

On-wards from there we went to the mall and walked around till closing time. As a finale to the day we saw Star Wars The Force Awakens on a huuuuge screen at the Regal Theaters here. Much better than the neck breaking front row seas we had the last time we saw it.


It was a rainy day, I never found the oriental market I was looking for, and most of the time we were driving. I really enjoyed it 🙂

I like to write poetry. I don’t like sharing it though, unless it is about a person, and then I share it with them. However, I write so much poetry that if I thought deeply about how to name them it would take longer than the writing. So I tend to name things after food I am eating, or ate recently, or particularly enjoyed that day. Soon enough I had “Bowl of Rice” #1-13 and realized I should probably get sillier with the naming so I could expand it. That’s why this is titled “Crunchy Salt.” If you’ve never had flaked sea salt, then you should try some on rice. It is nice.

Yesterday was pretty nice. Should I talk about yesterday? Maybe I should just write this as if, instead of dreaming, I wrote a blog post while my body was sleeping. I’ll stick to Yesterday and try out other things in the future.

Yesterday was pretty nice. I woke up hungover after going drinking with my girlfriend. I don’t get hungover much, so that was kinda a weird experience. I didn’t even drink heavily, which made it extra odd. I also woke up pretty late. 12 noon late. That kinda messed with my head a bit, and I don’t want to know what it did to the rest of my body.

Once I got moving around and dressed and smelling alright, we headed to a greek diner in town that serves all-day breakfast. The greek salad there was not good, and reminded me why I mostly get breakfast there. The Gyro and Feta omelet was excellent though. On-wards to sign her new lease, and then home to find my new clickers and book on operant conditioning in the mail.

She kept mentioning to me that I looked sad. I think it is probably just waking up late and the lack of much routine for the day, but I didn’t think of that till later. I took note of it though and just paid attention through the night to see how I felt and why.

So far this sounds like a boring day, right? What’s so nice about a day where you wake up so late it makes you a little sad? Going to the river.

My girlfriend works 2 jobs and in a tourist town that means this week is out of control. This was her first day off after four 14-hour days in a row. So I just wanted to hang out with her in a state other than post-work-zombie. She had some things to do, one of which was go hang out at a park.

We made it to the river about half an hour before sunset. It was nice sitting there with our feet in the cool water, watching birds be birds, and two black cloud-like dogs the size of baby bears play in the park like miniature thunderstorms practicing for the day they grew up. After a little bit I realized I should be whittling and grab my swiss army knife and a few branches. I don’t think I have whittled in over a year. It was fulfilling in a deep way, and I made 2 different pointy things. Pointy sticks being the most fun and thought-free thing to whittle. AS the sun set and the mosquitoes came out I insisted that we go for a walk. (My girlfriend is naturally immune to most of the world’s biting insect. I am not.)

A nice long walk on country roads in the warm night air of Florida. Just what I needed. Flirting and running around and making jokes about alien abductions. Watching as cars appeared and then took 10s of minutes to ever make it to where we were. Stopping to smell the nature on the air.

It was pretty nice.