I had movers come in, pack the last stuff I hadn’t made it to yet and put everything in a storage container. It was nice. The movers were friendly and we got along. It made me realize that almost all of my anxiety about packing was due to trying to do so much of it on my own. From now on I’ll just have packing parties and empty any alcohol bottles I have and eat up as much of my food as I have by feeding anyone who comes over.

Finding direction is going to be strange, because I am skilled in a number of areas that are all interesting to me. Now I have to work on either getting more certification, or make a living with something that just works off my fresh Psychology degree. The most difficult aspect, I predict, will be dealing with the impatience of my peers or loved ones. People have expectations they are comfortable with and ideas about success they believe in that are often excellent for their lives, but rarely extend to the people close to them even if they work for many people in the world. Because I have often pitched the idea of teaching social and communication skills, as my favorite cousin puts it “soft skills”, with great responses and at inopportune times gotten offers to be paid for such courses. I think I will start with pursuing that angle.