Whenever I have a day or week where I am on a roll and getting stuff done, eventually I hit a day where I have to slow down and do different work. For years I’ve felt guilty whenever this inevitably happens. I flare up with activity, and then ash out around where I am getting excited about how productive I’ve been. Today is one of those days. However, unlike the years before I’ve been able to maintain a peace of mind. I’ve been doing better and better about sitting for regular meditation. I think it is what has given me the space to be okay with slowing down. I still got important things done today, and I am writing this, for instance. I think in the past I was too devoted to productive days being an all-or-nothing issue. The day was either a success or failure, while now these slow days are when I have to look for other ways to keep myself moving on my goals. Today has been good for research and for moving things around that haven’t needed much decision making longterm plans. Getting the in-between things done so that when the wind picks back up I will just be able to raise my sails and move on.