I am moving out of my apartment. “I am not too good at moving,” I keep thinking. Packing my stuff away reminds me of how much stuff I still own. Which reminds me of how hard a time I have with letting go of my possessions. It is hard not to judge myself for this after so many years reading spiritual texts that constantly encourage the relinquishment of physical attachments. However at the same time it is gratifying to see my things ordered and arranged. Each thing in it’s place. Finally. I wonder if it is easier to discard the things that have served their purpose in my life when they are organized like this. It may be more difficult because of how the options are hidden. It reminds me of the idea that it is easier to make some decisions one by one. I think that non-attachment might be like that with items, for me personally. When I see it all laid out I feel like I am getting rid of a part of a whole thing and making it less of a thing. When I am choosing books out of a box they are just items I am shopping through. It helps a bunch that some of my friends are minimalists. They are always inspiring me to let go and give away. It reminds me how nice it is for the person receiving when ever they give me a gift and be association how good it would feel to be the person giving the gift.

If my plans go well, I may be moving to a whole different country. I can barely imagine what it is like to move with just a suitcase of your favorite cloths and maybe a few keepsakes. More about that if it approaches reality any time soon.