I graduated from college last week on April 28th, 2018. I got a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology with a Minor in Philosophy. I started college in 2009 and a year laterI had to take my first break from college because I wasn’t focussing well enough for it to be worth taking classes and there was a growing legal battle in my family that I needed to be around to know what was happening. I went back after a semester off and staid with it for a few more years. I failed classes if I didn’t get along with the professor. I always did well in classes that I liked or got along with them. Then I had to take another break that lasted a school year. I got heartbroken. Got a job as a hipster Barista. Learned how to work just for work’s sake. Got heartbroken again, and that was around when I came back to college and now have finished.

There wasn’t much time wasted these years. I made friends who I’ve kept over long distances and many years. I saw each year a new culture of people come into the college and tried to learn as much as I could about how life as a teenager had changed since I first came to college. What mattered to people and how they made friends. It feels like I’ve lived three or four lives just in college. I’ve had different major friend-groups and close friends. I’ve had all sorts of relationships and have gotten frustrated over how few words English has for the different ways you can love people. From years where almost everyone on campus knew me to years where no one did to where the professors felt more like my peers than my classmates because I had been there as long as they had. I’ve made use of every week I’ve been here to learn about people and the world inside and outside of class.

I wrote this because of how many memes and jokes I see about how life gets harder or goes downhill or just kinda stops being fun after college. It reminded me that the only reason life feels stagnant is because you aren’t pushing your growth on your own power. So I felt like writing something.


Also, I taught my cat to sit on command, and to come to his name. Not much more, he is pretty well behaved.