I’ve begun clicker training my kitten, Cashew. So far I’ve only done two 5minute sessions that were mostly getting Cashew used to the noise and associating it with a treat. He REALLY got it and when he noses the clicker sitting on my coffee table or when it is attached to my wrist he purrs super loud. This kitten loves treats too, which is great because his food-drive will make it easier to train him.

Actively Training:

  1. Targeting, nose bump
  2. Self-control/stop nibbling on me.

Training Session #3


He kept biting me as affection, so I figured I’d click him for each time he was nuzzling me, and take my hand away anytime he bit. I clicked and treated him about 5 times. He goes WILD for the treats so he got into a state of neurological arousal, marked by jerky movements and urgent searching, that I think made it harder for him to resist nibbling, especially when food is the reward. This reminded me of It’syerchoice popularized by Susan Garrett. I couldn’t find anything on it working with cats, so I am going to try it out myself to see what happens.