Been a bit adrift for a few days. Sat down and started a list of everything I could think of that could come after “I should be…” the other day. Right now I am at ~170 items after 3days of working on the list. I think I’ll put it in a spreadsheet and prioritize it once I feel it is complete enough. Most people have reacted to me making this list as though it was some terrible thing. I still feel adrift while writing, but it does feel nice to put all these usually overwhelming thoughts outside my mind and just keep them n a notebook instead. Maybe once I prioritize them some I can figure out which things I “Should” do will actually be positive things to work into my life. Do a 20/80 analysis on them.

Yesterday I sat by a fire with Mark again. It was wonderful. His kids ran around and we taught his son to put stuff in the fire without throwing it. I even got to read a bedtime story. It was a really good night.

Today I’m just writing and talking to people and avoiding eating meat for some type of world compassion day thingy. It is strangely peaceful to not have any passions pushing me to always be doing something, but I do hope something pops up soon for me to do, even if it is just my mysterious job actually starting.