I woke up in a really weird mood. I was just sad and felt terrible about the world in general. My best friend invited me to join her and her boyfriend at a market, but I couldn’t get myself out of my funk enough to join them.

After studying Japanese for a while I started to feel a little better, and eating a tuna fish salad also helped. I got myself out of the house to the coffee shop and had some fresh coffee while reading about Service Animals. I found out that diabetics can get service animals to help them when they have low glucose and just keep them exercising. It is a really tempting idea so I am going to keep looking into it.

While I’m out I get a text from another good friend, Mark, to join him in tending a fire he has set up in his backyard. After struggling through the holidays traffic I make it there and my whole day picked up and was great. I had to make one outing to grab another bag of firewood, but other than that I was glued to the fire. Talking with Mark and Daniel while their kids ran around being kids was just what I needed. Eventually Mark’s son, Sam, joined me in being glued to the fire and threw ripped up palm fronds into the fire to watch them flare. I also spent a good portion of time burning and then eating 1lbs of Conecha Smoked Sausage.

Oh Oh, I do not know the name right now, but I had the first Scotch I have ever enjoyed, and thus the first whiskey I have ever enjoyed. It was exciting because I’ve always hated having to tell people I don’t enjoy whiskey. They always look so sad. So now I know I can tell them what I like, even if I have no idea how to spell it haha.