New Years Eve I went out with my girlfriend and we wandered around town getting drinks. Thankfully we made it to a cigar bar in town and enjoyed the countdown right as we got our drinks. It was the first time I’ve ever had a New Years kiss the way it is thought of. Surrounded by people in a bar with a drink in my hand.

The next day we got up and went to Jacksonville to wander there for her day off. It was kinda an overcast day, so we spent most of the time driving, I enjoyed getting us lost a few times. We eventually ended up at Poe’s Tavern. It had a great burger and in the bathrooms they had an audiobook of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Golden Scarab playing.

On-wards from there we went to the mall and walked around till closing time. As a finale to the day we saw Star Wars The Force Awakens on a huuuuge screen at the Regal Theaters here. Much better than the neck breaking front row seas we had the last time we saw it.


It was a rainy day, I never found the oriental market I was looking for, and most of the time we were driving. I really enjoyed it 🙂