NOTE: Should have posted this a few days ago! Now I remember how news articles refer to the day of the week, instead of “yesterday” so much.

I can’t tell if I am depressed if I wake up at noon, because waking up that late makes me grumpy. If I get up earlier than noon, then I will be less depressed if that was the reason. I like this, cause it points out that from both the likely directions my waking up late comes from, either one will improve by waking up earlier. When my job starts, I’ll have an easier time waking up earlier, I think.

Despite my mid-day breakfast, I got a good amount done once I was awake. Wrote down some dreams. Studied Japanese for 45 minutes. Drank about half a gallon of water by 4. Read 7 more of the Stoicism blogs posts on Ancient Wisdom Project. Caught up a little with my Cousin Warren.

As I write this, I am about to go to the coffee shop. I also realize it would be better to edit/publish these the next day. Cause the last entry completely missed me watching 2 unnerving movies until 4am. (Wrong Cops and Bronson)

At the coffee shop I met みなみ and Matt. I am pretty sure they were a couple. They were so friendly! I talked to them after giving them so many furtive glances that it was making Matt nervous. They had been chatting quietly in some asian language, but I was unable to tell if it was Japanese. I was fairly sure though, mostly because of how stylishly dressed みなみ was. I asked Matt and he told me and we chatted while their coffee was being made. He was an english teacher for kindergarten and elementary children, and she was a university administrator….I think? I could not clearly understand what she said, but after a few repeats, that is what I got. I was too shy to trade any contact information with them though, which I regret.