I like to write poetry. I don’t like sharing it though, unless it is about a person, and then I share it with them. However, I write so much poetry that if I thought deeply about how to name them it would take longer than the writing. So I tend to name things after food I am eating, or ate recently, or particularly enjoyed that day. Soon enough I had “Bowl of Rice” #1-13 and realized I should probably get sillier with the naming so I could expand it. That’s why this is titled “Crunchy Salt.” If you’ve never had flaked sea salt, then you should try some on rice. It is nice.

Yesterday was pretty nice. Should I talk about yesterday? Maybe I should just write this as if, instead of dreaming, I wrote a blog post while my body was sleeping. I’ll stick to Yesterday and try out other things in the future.

Yesterday was pretty nice. I woke up hungover after going drinking with my girlfriend. I don’t get hungover much, so that was kinda a weird experience. I didn’t even drink heavily, which made it extra odd. I also woke up pretty late. 12 noon late. That kinda messed with my head a bit, and I don’t want to know what it did to the rest of my body.

Once I got moving around and dressed and smelling alright, we headed to a greek diner in town that serves all-day breakfast. The greek salad there was not good, and reminded me why I mostly get breakfast there. The Gyro and Feta omelet was excellent though. On-wards to sign her new lease, and then home to find my new clickers and book on operant conditioning in the mail.

She kept mentioning to me that I looked sad. I think it is probably just waking up late and the lack of much routine for the day, but I didn’t think of that till later. I took note of it though and just paid attention through the night to see how I felt and why.

So far this sounds like a boring day, right? What’s so nice about a day where you wake up so late it makes you a little sad? Going to the river.

My girlfriend works 2 jobs and in a tourist town that means this week is out of control. This was her first day off after four 14-hour days in a row. So I just wanted to hang out with her in a state other than post-work-zombie. She had some things to do, one of which was go hang out at a park.

We made it to the river about half an hour before sunset. It was nice sitting there with our feet in the cool water, watching birds be birds, and two black cloud-like dogs the size of baby bears play in the park like miniature thunderstorms practicing for the day they grew up. After a little bit I realized I should be whittling and grab my swiss army knife and a few branches. I don’t think I have whittled in over a year. It was fulfilling in a deep way, and I made 2 different pointy things. Pointy sticks being the most fun and thought-free thing to whittle. AS the sun set and the mosquitoes came out I insisted that we go for a walk. (My girlfriend is naturally immune to most of the world’s biting insect. I am not.)

A nice long walk on country roads in the warm night air of Florida. Just what I needed. Flirting and running around and making jokes about alien abductions. Watching as cars appeared and then took 10s of minutes to ever make it to where we were. Stopping to smell the nature on the air.

It was pretty nice.