I wonder how much our moods for each day and how our “gut feelings” have to do with the way that day or time period went the year before?

Today, last year, I was on a plane back to the USA from India. I had broken my fever an hour or two before getting on the plane and wasn’t hallucinating anymore. It was a normal headcold+travel+high glucose. So I spent the entire trip dehydrated and if I went to sleep on the plane I would wake up to have my nose begin bleeding. I staid awake for somewhere around 26 hours in the air and in airports. It wa one of the physically hardest days of my life.

Today I woke up feeling weird. Not bad, just off and not wanting to do anything. Nothing has happened in the past week or two to make me feel bad. Things are generally settling from the drama I had for a month or two and I am enjoying sunny weather and good food. So why was I so lethargic and….off? I don’ really know but it occured to me tha it might have to do with last year.

This also connects to how, whether I am taking courses or not, the times of year when college semesters begin and end are invariably the most stressful weeks no matter what I am doing. How do our bodies and brains make their patterns? How long do they last? what affects them? So many things to learn 🙂