Archives for the month of: January, 2015

Recently I have been reading the book The First 20 Hours by Josh Kaufman. In their he learns how to use a Colemak keyboard. I want to do that myself, but at the moment I am having some trouble figuring out if I can convert my laptop keyboard to it, of if it will cost me a whole new keyboard. In the meantime, Josh introduces his readers to an awesome little webapp for learning to touchtype called Keyzen. I have been using it just for fun when I get bored an have noticed some significant improvements in my willingness and ability to use touchtyping, which escaped me sometime in my highschool days of playing WoW.


Today I did Workout B of Tim Ferriss’ Occam Protocol.

7.2 reps with 100lbs of chest press

5minute rest

10.3 reps with 165lbs of leg presses.

5 minute rest

75 kettlebell swings with a 20lb kettlebell