In the morning I did 12 minutes of kettlebell swings. I actually did around 105. I would do the swings until I got winded, then I would jog for a bit and walk back to my kettlebell to do as many more as I could. As far as I could tell it looked like 35:35:25:20(reps). I was soooooo out of breath. It is exciting to know I can use this for endurance training. If I can find the instructions to my heart-rate monitor I can do this with even more detail.

In the evening I was able to do one set of 14 and another set of 7.5 Horizontal Pulls. I got tired of never moving past 15 so I have decided to always do at least 20 and try to move them to the first set. I held myself at .5 for a while to encourage some more muscle growth.