Took 4g of Citrulline Malate in water before workout.

Crow Stands



Short Bridges

3 minute rest between every set.

So I reached the progression standard on Crow Stands and will be moving up to Handstands against a wall. I am not certain now if I will stay on the handstand stage till I can do it without a wall or if I should move forward in the progression towards one armed handstand push-ups. If I can I am going to contact either a gymnast or the guy who gives certifications in this system and find out what they suggest.

The short bridges were super easy. I could have reached 3:50 but I felt myself getting a little sloppy with which muscles were doing the work and decided to save it for next week.

I read a textbook on Back Stability recently and tried applying the practice of abdominal hollowing at 30%. I immediately noticed a change in which muscles were being recruited. A shift from disorder to a concentrated effort of my glutes and lower back. It was very nice.

I have used Citrulline Malate before and LOVE it. It is a very simple supplement with a wallop of benefits to both the workout and recovery. The last time I used it I never got sore yet constantly added to my sets. It was great. So it is nice to go back to using it.