I just got back from a month out of the country. Traveling through France, Germany, and a little over 2.5 weeks in India. I learned many things from my trip. I am hoping to write some blog posts about this over the next few weeks but made this one to get started.

The reason I say “Second” world is that just like people talk about First World Problems and Third World nations. India was a Second World. It had apple stores, a booming IT economy, and most middle class people had smartphones. However there was also piles of trash on every street, constant beggars and if you drink the water you might die later of dysentery. The rain water. SO it was a weird mix of old world poorness and new world technology. I never understood why people don’t use the term “Second World” instead of “developing nation” so I want to use it now.

At the very basic level, I found the people friendlier and more helpful, with stronger communities than in the USA. However, I also found people less logical. The nature was always beautiful and full of life, the cities always polluted and full of squalor. I enjoyed my visit, I learned a huge amount, and I survived the whole thing without ever getting the runs.