I woke up feeling a little off, later in the day I realized I have a little bit of a cold. just weakness and sniffles at the moment.

However, before any if that I did my workout.

I take 3 minute rests between every set and exercise.


1:12 Diamond Push-Ups



2:20 Close Squats with my heels 2 inches apart.

I was a bit off balance the first three, but then I got the hang of it and was able to get these done fairly easily. We’ll see if I have the same luck with 1 inch, or if I ill have to work on those for a bit. I think I can do it, but it will be a real test.

Went to Whole Foods today and stocked up on the next month or two of harder to find supplements I take. Also I noticed they didn’t have any kombucha and it made me wonder if there is a new kombucha controversy going on. Anyways, I am gonna go back to eating Vitamin C like it is candy until my cold gives up and goes away.