I was feeling sore in my shoulders and wasn’t going to work out, but decided that was a stupid reason, at the last minute when I could still have time to workout today.

I am working up to what they call Horizontal Pulls in Convict Conditioning. I use adjustable gymnast rings that attach to a door frame and also anything I can wrap the cords around. At the moment I get into a position that is similar to pulling-up to a bar set at chest height for me. I am working down to hip level.

1:30 Chest-pulls



2:20 Straight leg lifts. Essentially just laying on the floor and lifting my legs till they are point straight up, I usually push my hips off the floor to make it more about my abs than my qua.

I have a problem now in that I am 6’4 and the pull-up bars are not tall enough. Normally I would move to those and hang while doing the next part of the progression for the abs. instead I might have to hold myself up on something like a captain’s chair or find somewhere in town where I can set up my gymnast rings.