“My veins burn with my anger and my tongue is dried by the hot winds of my rage.”

This week I became very angry due to having run out of patience I had for a person I know who is overly critical of our mutual friend. I’ve already complained about them, and that quote is how I described to my best friend the way I felt.

I don’t really get angry very often. I get disappointed in humanity and certain societies, but very rarely do I become angry. This is probably the first time in over a year that I have been angry enough to feel it in my muscles. I actually felt what ever hormones and chemicals my body was producing, burning away in my muscles. It was fascinating.

I wonder why this situation made me so angry when there have been plenty of terrible situations I have been through or watched others endure this year that it would have been reasonable to become angry about.  I’d like to really search this out in myself, because it is so rare to get the chance to look at my anger, but I think it is too private to go much further on here.

However, I have noticed that it has been much easier to make me angry since this happened. Not to the same degree, but more anger than I am used to.

I also noticed it has made me more sore than normal, right after I am angry.

To end, one of my favorite quotes about anger, “Beware the fury of a patient man.” ~John Dryden