Yesterday I didn’t do anything, mostly because I forgot I had something I do on the third day of my workout cycle, haha.

Today was really exciting because it is the first time in about 4-5 years I have tried doing diamond Push-ups, or Close Push-ups as they are called in Convict Conditioning. The last time I tried these mostly consisted of me lowering myself to the ground and then rolling over and getting up and acting like I hadn’t been doing anything. I probably went to play some video games to make myself feel better.

This time?

1:10 Diamond Push ups



My form was a bit off for my second set, which is why I was able to do more in the last set. It was REALLY exciting. If I had realized I was at 24 I would have pumped out one more just to claim 25 of them in one workout.

I also did close squats, with my heels spaced only 3 inches apart. I was bale to maintain my balance and they were generally easy, I didn’t get any pain in my right knee either, which is where I had some surgery when I was younger, so that was also very exciting.

2:20 Close Squats

In case you aren’t familiar with Diamond Push ups, this is a nice video example: