This morning I woke up at 7am without and alarm.

Then I went back to sleep an got up at 7:30 cause I remembered it is cool to wake up ahead of your alarm.


It has been one of my most productive mornings in a long time, writing this post included, and I credit that mostly to a Hypnotic Induction tape that came with Paul McKenna’s book Change your Life in 7 Days. I read this book in march and then had the confidence and joy to be able to talk to around 40 beautiful women I had never met before at a music festival I went to the same week, as well as carrying a beautiful stranger on my shoulders and kissing a girl I danced with while being entertained by Stevie Wonder.

Lets just say I might be a little biased to think this is a great product. But every time I listen to the tape the next day or two stand out as exceptional and joyous. Not only is it good for boosting confidence but in general it gave me tools that have helped me balance out some more overpowering aspects of my personality aswell.


Now I gotta get back to eating my Mongolian Fire Eggs, which you’ll be hearing about more later.