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Today I reached 13.5 Bodyfat Percentage! This is really exciting for me, because I wasn’t expecting it to improve AT all from last time(13.8). Hopefully eating more beans and drinking more water will continue to have such positive effects.

I still haven’t found a tree or playground to set up my gymnast rings at, so I am skipping the ab work I’d normally do. I might do something before bed, but I am just taking a day off and will find a place tomorrow when I am less busy.

sets:reps per set

2:30 Chest-level pull-ups


This was really exciting. I don’t feel completely comfortable with my form, but I will improve that next time since I’ll be stronger. I just feel like half an inch off from where my chest should be at the top, but without a bar I don’t have anything to touch my chest to.

Making myself Mongolian Fire Eggs as a treat for exercising even though I am busy. I know I said I would talk more about those, and I will, but I’ve been too busy to make the recipe attractive.

I woke up feeling a little off, later in the day I realized I have a little bit of a cold. just weakness and sniffles at the moment.

However, before any if that I did my workout.

I take 3 minute rests between every set and exercise.


1:12 Diamond Push-Ups



2:20 Close Squats with my heels 2 inches apart.

I was a bit off balance the first three, but then I got the hang of it and was able to get these done fairly easily. We’ll see if I have the same luck with 1 inch, or if I ill have to work on those for a bit. I think I can do it, but it will be a real test.

Went to Whole Foods today and stocked up on the next month or two of harder to find supplements I take. Also I noticed they didn’t have any kombucha and it made me wonder if there is a new kombucha controversy going on. Anyways, I am gonna go back to eating Vitamin C like it is candy until my cold gives up and goes away.

The Fall Equinox is RIGHT NOW. Hope you have a good fall. ^_^

So there is a Sports Apprenticeship program at my college, and I haven’t really done much with my Personal Trainer Certification at NCSF. So I am in it and today I met my first client at the gym!!!

We got along pretty well, it was mostly to figure out times to meet up during the week and then get some basic stats for health. Got BF% Weight, and inches. I forgot to take my heart-rate moniter, but I will just bring the cuff when we meet up this week, that way I have some starting stat on that.

Being an avid fan of Timothy Ferriss, I wish I could do ALL the testing haha. But I guess I will wait until I am through this apprenticeship before I start suggesting those sorts of big commitments.


Very excited!

“My veins burn with my anger and my tongue is dried by the hot winds of my rage.”

This week I became very angry due to having run out of patience I had for a person I know who is overly critical of our mutual friend. I’ve already complained about them, and that quote is how I described to my best friend the way I felt.

I don’t really get angry very often. I get disappointed in humanity and certain societies, but very rarely do I become angry. This is probably the first time in over a year that I have been angry enough to feel it in my muscles. I actually felt what ever hormones and chemicals my body was producing, burning away in my muscles. It was fascinating.

I wonder why this situation made me so angry when there have been plenty of terrible situations I have been through or watched others endure this year that it would have been reasonable to become angry about.  I’d like to really search this out in myself, because it is so rare to get the chance to look at my anger, but I think it is too private to go much further on here.

However, I have noticed that it has been much easier to make me angry since this happened. Not to the same degree, but more anger than I am used to.

I also noticed it has made me more sore than normal, right after I am angry.

To end, one of my favorite quotes about anger, “Beware the fury of a patient man.” ~John Dryden

I was feeling sore in my shoulders and wasn’t going to work out, but decided that was a stupid reason, at the last minute when I could still have time to workout today.

I am working up to what they call Horizontal Pulls in Convict Conditioning. I use adjustable gymnast rings that attach to a door frame and also anything I can wrap the cords around. At the moment I get into a position that is similar to pulling-up to a bar set at chest height for me. I am working down to hip level.

1:30 Chest-pulls



2:20 Straight leg lifts. Essentially just laying on the floor and lifting my legs till they are point straight up, I usually push my hips off the floor to make it more about my abs than my qua.

I have a problem now in that I am 6’4 and the pull-up bars are not tall enough. Normally I would move to those and hang while doing the next part of the progression for the abs. instead I might have to hold myself up on something like a captain’s chair or find somewhere in town where I can set up my gymnast rings.


Yesterday I didn’t do anything, mostly because I forgot I had something I do on the third day of my workout cycle, haha.

Today was really exciting because it is the first time in about 4-5 years I have tried doing diamond Push-ups, or Close Push-ups as they are called in Convict Conditioning. The last time I tried these mostly consisted of me lowering myself to the ground and then rolling over and getting up and acting like I hadn’t been doing anything. I probably went to play some video games to make myself feel better.

This time?

1:10 Diamond Push ups



My form was a bit off for my second set, which is why I was able to do more in the last set. It was REALLY exciting. If I had realized I was at 24 I would have pumped out one more just to claim 25 of them in one workout.

I also did close squats, with my heels spaced only 3 inches apart. I was bale to maintain my balance and they were generally easy, I didn’t get any pain in my right knee either, which is where I had some surgery when I was younger, so that was also very exciting.

2:20 Close Squats

In case you aren’t familiar with Diamond Push ups, this is a nice video example:

Today I didn’t have much time, but in order to try and stay awake in an evening class I did my workout right before it.


1:20 straight leg raises from the floor

1:30 chest-level pulls using my gymnast rings attachted to a door frame.

I take 3min rests between all sets and exercises so I can better track strength gains instead of recovery.

It was a good day and I felt very strong the whole time. I think eating healthy today helped me out alot.

This morning I woke up at 7am without and alarm.

Then I went back to sleep an got up at 7:30 cause I remembered it is cool to wake up ahead of your alarm.


It has been one of my most productive mornings in a long time, writing this post included, and I credit that mostly to a Hypnotic Induction tape that came with Paul McKenna’s book Change your Life in 7 Days. I read this book in march and then had the confidence and joy to be able to talk to around 40 beautiful women I had never met before at a music festival I went to the same week, as well as carrying a beautiful stranger on my shoulders and kissing a girl I danced with while being entertained by Stevie Wonder.

Lets just say I might be a little biased to think this is a great product. But every time I listen to the tape the next day or two stand out as exceptional and joyous. Not only is it good for boosting confidence but in general it gave me tools that have helped me balance out some more overpowering aspects of my personality aswell.


Now I gotta get back to eating my Mongolian Fire Eggs, which you’ll be hearing about more later.